Sangría - La Fiesta




Mediterranean refreshing drink, made with traditional wines of Tempranillo and Grenache with a selection of the finest natural extracts of citrus and tropical fruits. No preservatives or artificial coloring, 100% natural.




With a bigarreau cherry red colour, its shininess shows the youth of the base wine. The wine has a very high robe and powerful structure. Its intense citrus fruit aromas are mixed with those of very ripe red fruit, with hints of orange blossom evoking spring.

The hints of raspberry and crystallized orange suggest a fresh, sweet and fruity drink. It has a pleasant, slightly sweet attack, with an agreeable finish which highlights the acidity of the fruit with very well integrated fortified touches.

Sangría Lafiesta is a enjoyable summer drink which cleverly mixes two jewels that are linked in Mediterranean culture: wine and citrus fruits.








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