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Our winery was formally founded by Ramon Ramos Carrillo in 1963. However, several previous generations had already made wine to be sold all over Spain.
We consider ourselves a family winery with roots that run deep in our region, our people and our form of life which revolves around wine. Time is our secret: well-confirmed by the silence of our underground cellars and the wisdom of the surrounding centenarian vineyards.
The Tinta de Toro is the source of our inspiration and Muscatel its faithful companion: two unique local varieties, highly regarded since the times of the Catholic Kings. Other varieties which have stood the test of time are Malvasia and Albillo.

Our wines, rather rustic originally, have evolved and adapted to our times without betraying the distinctive touch that has always characterized our family.

From then until now, from our grandfather’s grandfathers to our generation ... What would our ancestors have to say if they were to wake up now to find our wines in more than 15 countries some of which did not even exist at least to their knowledge? Our success is shared by them. And their heritage continues to grow.
We invite you to visit our winery in Venialbo: the land of wine, brave bulls
and hospitability.
We await with open arms to guide you through the tasting of our wines and to make you part of our history and our wine.



Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro
Harvest: Mid October. The grapes come from selected vineyards aged not less than 40 years. The collection was in boxes at 25 kg while maintaining the integrity of the grape.
Development: Slight crushing. Strict temperature control during fermentation. Long maceration. Manoláctica fermentation in barrel. Baric 6 months. The oak used ara American, French.
Annual Production: 50000 bottles.
Alcohol. 14% vol.
Cata. Intense fruit load that is well integrated with oak used.
Roasted and minerals.
Upper layer of color, characteristic of the variety.
The palate is velvety and well structured.
Ac. Total. 5.2.
Ph. 3.6
Maridage, recommended for all kinds of red meats and game. Assembles very well with fish.
Service 17º Tª C
Decant and remove potential sediment stand 5 minutes and enjoy your integrity.








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