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TERRAVINIS is a winery group devoted to the production and making of young, crianza and reservared wines in the different designations of origin of Ribera del Duero and Rioja, as well as wines from the Verdejo white grape variety.

We work with the most demanded and most growing designations of origin in the marketplace.Terravinis

TERRAVINIS produce young wines, Crianza and Reserva being all of them of a great quality and competitiveness.

Bodegas SOLIRA 2002, SL. is a winery that has in the appellation of origin Ribera del Duero. This was the first of the denominations they began to produce wines of high quality. It is located in Aranda de Duero (Burgos).

Due to changes that occur in the market began making wine in different appellations of origin under the seal of TERRAVINIS ensuring competitiveness and quality of our wines complimented the guarantees given by the regulatory boards of each denomination.

We recognize the different needs of our customers.
Therefore, TERRAVINIS that began developing only exclusive wines, has developed, now, a new range of wine to ensure economic competitiveness to our customers

All our wines belong to the most popular and most prestigious denominations in our country.
The two ranges of wines (Reserva, and a young and Crianza wines) have been created to celebrate the diversity of wine regions of Spain.

DULZAINA DE CASTILLA - D.O. Ribera del Duero

Chardonay-MacabeoTasting report:
Dulzaina de Castillais a dark wine, with an intense purple colour. The nose is full of red berries with ripe berries notes, tannic but sweet and tasty in the mouth and varietal typicity.
Grapes are harvested when ripe. They reach the proper balance between sugar and organic acid concentration, which favoursthe obtaining of wines with a good amount of tannins to ensure the right agingprocess.

Serving recommendations:
This Dulzainade Castillais best served between 12ºC and 14ºC.
Food pairing:
This Dulzainade Castillais suitable for accompanying pasta dishes, pulses, cold meats, and grilled meats.


CONDE DE VALDILLO - D.O. Ribera del Duero

Chardonay-MacabeoTasting report:
Deep red wine with medium/dark robe and purple rim, bright, it’s a bit shy in the nose but gradually show its charms.
Very pronounced fruity aromas, especially back and red fruits, floral notes, spicy and roasted, soothing, scents of mountain herbs, with a certain complexity, elegant,plentyof body, tasty.

Grapes are harvested when ripe. They reach the proper balance between sugar and organic acid concentration, which favoursthe obtaining of wines with a good amount of tannins to ensure the right aging process.

Serving recommendations:
Condede Vadillois best served between 12ºC and 14ºC.

Food pairing:
Conde de Vadillois suitable for accompanying pasta dishes, grilled meats, pulses and cold meats.



COSECHA REAL - D.O. Ribera del Duero

Temranillo MerlotD.O. Ribera del Duero “CosechaReal” is blessed by a
unique combination of the land, its microclimate and the autochthonous “Tintadel País” grape variety, which produces a magnificent, complex red wine in the TERRAVINIS spot, where the wineries are located.

D.O. Ribera del Duero the effort of farmers, wine makers, oenologists and distributors have set out the guidelines to make CosechaReal become considered one of the best wines.

Terravinisvineyards soils are mainly alluvium and clay iron soils, at an altitude of 800 meters,andcontinental climate, extreme and not very rainy. These features, together with their location on the river slopes, make the CosechaReal grapes have a characteristic personality, Balance and ideal ripening conditions. The varieties selected by TerraVinis, the optimum farming techniques and meticulous grape harvest, the wise hands of wine producers and the precise regulations established by the Supervisory Council make these wines be considered among the best and most valued wines in the Marketplace.

PUPITO - D.O. Rioja

MerlotTasting report:
Ruby colouredRioja, medium/dark robe, clean and bright.
In the nose, the reduction after the rest in bottle can be noticed, to finally show its powerful and complex nature due to the aromas of the different grape varieties, a pleasant wine with a complex and velvety long mouthfeel.

Fermentation of the crushed and stemmed grapes in stainless steel tanks at 30º C, with intense-medium maceration. Long resting time in concrete tanks where the malolacticfermentation and the natural stabilization take place thanks to the gravity of the wine.

Serving recommendations:
Pupito Crianza is best served at 16º C.
Pupitois suitable for accompanying roasted and grilled
meats, smoked food, and cheese.


VERDEJO - Marqués de Fuenclara

Syrah100% grape verdejo.
Pale yellow colour, very bright, with golden reflections. Medium intensity fruity notes (apple) in the nose, hints of vegetable and anise. Balanced, fresh and dense in the mouth.
Serving recommendations:
This wine is best served chilled, between 4º C and 6ºC.
Food pairing:
It is suitable for accompanying light dishes (rice, fishes and seafood)

VERDEJO - Viña Carisma

Raíces RosadoTasting report:
Bright straw-colouryellow, it has a nose of medium intensity. Tropical fruits aromas, stone fruits, green apple notes, grass, white flowers and citrus fruits.
Serving recommendations:
Is best served chilled (between 4º C and 6º C)
Food Pairing:
It is suitable for accompanying light dishes (rice, fishes and seafood).




Raíces CrianzaD.O. TORO “PERSONALÍSIMO” from the TietarValley, with vines planted by our ancestors. The local men choose the best grapes, always guided by the careful guidance of the Terravinisoenologists, who ensure the proper wine making and aging process to obtain the best harvests of that designation of origin. The D. O. Toro is from the province of Zamora, an area that the Duero river divides in Tierra del pan (Land of Bread) on the North and the Tierra del vino(Land of Wine) on theSouth.
TerraVinisvineyards are close to the Duero river, and the red wine produced is one of the robustestwines of the marketplace. The main grape variety is the so-called Tintade Toro. The wine is the result of efficiency and passion for wine, by taking care of every step of the process, from the vineyard to the consumer. TerraVinishas made a great signature wine full of personalityand Castiliannobility.

CARISMA - D.O. Somontano

Raíces Gran ReservaThe vineyards are located in an exuberant area of
contrasts at an altitude of 650 meters in the
Sierra de Salinas mountain range, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
D.O. Somontano, a model of modernity, has managed to preserve and increase the wine heritage of the region and the traditional knowledge of its population after hundreds of years of harvesting, nowadays coexisting with new technologies.
Romans discovered them almost twenty centuries ago, and good wine lovers still appreciate it nowadays. “Carisma” is a clear example of the effort made by TerraVinis.

D.O.Somontano Somontano, as its name suggests –“beneath the mountain” –has a strong influence of the foothills of the pre-Pyrenees, the ParqueNatural de la Sierra natural park, the Cañones de Guaracanyons, the Sierra de Salinas mountain range, and the beautiful fields of vines, olive trees, holmoaks and almond trees. This unique enclave, close to the Pyrenees, has exceptional qualities for vine growing.



Raíces TempranilloD.O. RIOJA “ALEGORÍA”. A dream comes true in the
Ebro Valley.
In search of quality excellence, TerraVinisD.O. Rioja presents Alegoria, a stylish red wine born to lead the new generation of Rioja wines set to reign trough the 21st century. The TerraVinisselected vineyards are located in the northern area of the Basque Rioja, in a transitional climate between Mediterranean and Atlantic. The vineyards in this area are sheltered from prevailing winds and frosts, and are located in a privileged microclimate, with ideal orientation and inclination at midday. This unique land gives a specific personality to the wine. The main stump in TerraVinisvineyards selection is Tempranillo, high quality autochthonous grape variety that produces well-balanced wines with the proper sourness, perfect for aging.

ACTIUM - D.O. La Mancha

finca el viso blanco



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